Welcome to Beauty of Flowers – Dry Flowers Arrangements

Welcome, you have discovered Beauty of Flowers, a shop specializing in various flower arrangements suitable for many different occasions.

We are expert florists who have many years of experience in this line of work. Our offer is specifically targeted at aesthetes who value quality, beauty, nature, eco-friendliness and perfection. As every product is carefully hand made with great attention to detail and with utmost care for every little leaf, bud and other plant elements.

Our main focus is on dried flower arrangement – we chose this as our main specialty, as skillfully dried flowers put together with a delicate, precise hand can warm up and amplify the beauty of any household. Furthermore, well-preserved dried flower will last for years and is a better investment than a bouquet of random flowers put together hastily.

We are able to prepare flower arrangements for any occasion, including wedding ceremonies. You can always contact us. We can prepare even the most sophisticated orders if you inform us beforehand. We can also collaborate with bigger suppliers, wholesalers and other enterprise