Blue Chalice


Our Chalice dried flower arrangements to buy collection is an ideal choice for those who search for an ideal centrepiece. Blue roses encased in a unique glass will surely enamour anyone who looks at them.

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Product Description

Vibrant dark coloured rose, in contrast with the small white roses and golden décor makes the rose stand out as well as adding an extra sparkle to this dried flower arrangement to buy. The chalice-type vase creates a small but stern base so this so it can fit on small shelves or crowded tables.

The uniquely shaped blue vase holds the flowers perfectly and the colours burst together within the chalice top. The small white roses deepen the shade of the larger blue roses and the gold décor adds a celebratory feel to this piece, making it perfect as a centrepiece. No matter the occasion though, this arragement will not fail to make you smile.

  • Container: Chalice-shaped blue glass vase
  • Flowers: Naturally dried green and white roses
  • Height: 22cm
  • Product code: BF90
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Additional Information
Dimensions 22 cm

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