Vase Tree


If you think of a little tree closed in a glass vase when you look at this flower arrangement, we have achieved our goal, as this was our inspiration.

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Product Description

A great flower set up that will be gain attention regardless of what is around it. These beautiful green roses placed skilfully in the glass vase, littered using small fantastic décor to incorporate a pizazz to the arrangement. Adding a blast of fervour into one’s space, everyone is bound to love it! This medium-sized centrepiece can complete a banquet or can be used as an original house décor piece.

The vibrant green shade of the roses looks amazing paired with the lovely gold of the décor and in the curving ribbed glass vase, the image of a little tree held inside is clear. This medium-sized composition can be used as a centrepiece to complete a banquet or as an original house décor piece.

  • Container: Curvy ribbed glass vase
  • Flowers: Naturally dried green roses
  • Height: Above 20cm
  • Product code: BF28
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